The quest to understand the hydrogen molecule

Part 1 in the quest for the hydrogen molecule

I admit that I don’t really understand the hydrogen molecule.

It is the simplest molecule but it seems so complicated to have a feeling for how it really works, or to explain it well. Wouldn’t it be great to understand it thoroughly? And with it all the physical laws that make it the way it is? It would give a great view on the way things really are, to grasp the underlying simplicity that is so strange to us.

Perhaps we should go on a quest. A journey with many steps, and at each one we learn something that is real and that is true. It will be a difficult quest. We may not even make it. Not all of us will make it. And we may take wrong turns or have to come back to a point where we were before. We may take more difficult steps where we could have taken a simpler path. Who knows where we will end up. But it will be quite educational. If you can follow the path. We’ll see.